Anonymous asked: "Lynne I am so with you on all this Glee stuff. Ain't nobody got time for this shit if it's true. But, it seems like everything we're getting lately is coming from random sources and some of it is contradictory. I mean, read it in the dark? That's a red flag right there. And I don't remember call sheets being so detailed. The last call sheet I saw someone take, which was probably back during S3 I think, only had who was in the scene on it. Unless things have changed?"


EXACTLY.  Bingo!  This is too calculated, too detailed, suspicious, unverified sources.  

Nope.  Not buying this shit.  Some of it does seem to be true, but there’s so much that’s just NOT.  And so much left OUT.  So many scenes and characters missing?  Why are they only getting certain scenes but not all the others?  Lots of conflicting info.  Competing rivaling sources?

It’s way too early to be buying into this bullshit. And that’s exactly what this is - BULLSHIT.


*doesn’t do homework and hopes for the best*



i miss dalton

The best.

lea michele: a summary (insp)

stormwitha6lettername asked: "I can't help but feel they're riling us up with just enough time to let us calm down again before Glee actually airs so that by that time, we will be more curious than pissed the fuck off. I think if they are at all true, they're highly exaggerated."


Exaggerated, misleading, missing vital parts, explanations, etc.  If someone had gotten a hold of the scene with Blaine/Brit in bed together from S5 without the part about it being part of Rachel’s tv script - we would have lost our minds.  Think about it.  


And a wet shirtless Darren strolls by…

Hot damn, boy.


do you ever just

make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine

klaine hiatus challenge | day 8: favorite klaine hug

Unflattering my ass.  DAMN.


Unflattering my ass.  DAMN.